Something is coming…

These last days I spent a lot of time writing low-level code for the Stellaris Launchpad.

I made progress, I could understand all the details required for the board and CPU startup.

I’m not publishing anything yet, since it’s not even alpha quality. Everything is a mess for the moment, I need to split things in separate files, add comments, etc. But I plan to release my code as soon as possible.

And now, I had to find a real use for this board. I have several ideas for this.

The first step is to get a hardware platform that I can hack to add components, solder, etc.

So here it is. I found a small part of veroboard in one of my drawers, and two in-row connectors, so I hacked a quick vero board booster pack! The total cost is zero, since I already had “everything”.

Here are some pictures, obviously I now have to add components on that 🙂

Veroboard Booster Pack
Vero board booster pack Top view

On the bottom side are the connectors, it’s a bit tricky to solder them, I did it while they were plugged in the board, and I used a flat surface to have them just on the right position while I soldered them.

Veroboard booster pack Bottom view
Veroboard booster pack Bottom view

And now I suggest that you subscribe to the RSS feed to see what I’ll do next.

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