Some packages received !

Aaaand it’s done. I have it. I received my eShapeOko. The only thing now that prevents me from mounting it is the threading of makerslide holes; this will be done on tuesday evening by my very good ham friend F1BHY. Many thanks to him, I’m very grateful for its dedication for his friends.

Pièces eShapeOko
eShapeOko parts

I also received new TRF7970 samples from TI. These are using QFN packages, and it’s quite complex to solder them properly the first time. Last time, I added too many solder paste and I ended up with components floating in a sea of fused solder. I could remove most of the surplus solder, but I fear that these components are short-circuited between the package and the PCB (only X-ray analysis could confirm that), and if they are not, I fear that I fried them with the hot air rework station.

These components will take place on a SeeedStudio board, which has tinned traces. With my previous experience soldering these components, I now believe the small solder quantity already present on the board is enough to solder the components correctly. All I need is flux, which I did not have before.

When it compares to QFN, soldering TQFP packages (for the ARM chip) is a piece of cake 😀

Now that I have a machine to work on, I’ll update you more often. Please note that I also started a build log at the ShapeOko forum. This forum is really interesting and contains a lot of wisdom, interesting upgrades and information about what to do and avoid. One of the most interesting mod is the replacement of the normal Z-axis screw by an “acme screw” with a trapezoidal screw profile. This sort of screw has a larger pitch, so the Z moves can be accelerated, which has a positive influence on the global speed of the machine (the Z axis limits the achievable speed on all other axes).

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