MOD music player on the StelPad

Do you know MOD music?

It’s a lightweight music format, intermediate between sampled/recorded music (MP3, WAVE) and synthetized sounds like what you find on the GameBoy and other old school game consoles. The file contains sampled sequence for each note, and the mod player plays them in sequence according to rules. This avoids a lot of redundancy for similar notes. This sort of music was very successful when computers were not powerful enough to play fully sampled music.

And now, this guy made a MOD player for the stellaris launchpad!

Congrats to Ronen K. !

Source : Hackaday


Something is coming…

These last days I spent a lot of time writing low-level code for the Stellaris Launchpad.

I made progress, I could understand all the details required for the board and CPU startup.

I’m not publishing anything yet, since it’s not even alpha quality. Everything is a mess for the moment, I need to split things in separate files, add comments, etc. But I plan to release my code as soon as possible.

And now, I had to find a real use for this board. I have several ideas for this.

The first step is to get a hardware platform that I can hack to add components, solder, etc.

So here it is. I found a small part of veroboard in one of my drawers, and two in-row connectors, so I hacked a quick vero board booster pack! The total cost is zero, since I already had “everything”.

Here are some pictures, obviously I now have to add components on that 🙂

Veroboard Booster Pack
Vero board booster pack Top view

On the bottom side are the connectors, it’s a bit tricky to solder them, I did it while they were plugged in the board, and I used a flat surface to have them just on the right position while I soldered them.

Veroboard booster pack Bottom view
Veroboard booster pack Bottom view

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