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What is happening now!

Code::Blocks 12.11 Released!

Code::Blocks 12.11 was released yesterday!

Code::Blocks is a very lightweight and easy to use IDE. You can use it with a large number of different compilers. I’m using it daily with:

I’m strongly recommending it to you if you’re in search of something lighter than Eclipse.

You can download it on the project page.

And here is the official forum thread.

Code::Blocks main UI
Code::Blocks main UI


MOD music player on the StelPad

Do you know MOD music?

It’s a lightweight music format, intermediate between sampled/recorded music (MP3, WAVE) and synthetized sounds like what you find on the GameBoy and other old school game consoles. The file contains sampled sequence for each note, and the mod player plays them in sequence according to rules. This avoids a lot of redundancy for similar notes. This sort of music was very successful when computers were not powerful enough to play fully sampled music.

And now, this guy made a MOD player for the stellaris launchpad!

Congrats to Ronen K. !

Source : Hackaday


Bunnie Huang got the 2012 EFF Pioneer Award

Bunnie Huang is, for me, a “great hacker”. He is an achiever, and his achievements have a great impact on Internet communities. He first became known when he released lots of informations about hacking the XBox console, and since then, he published a number of astounding projects, including the Chumby, a connected screen to display just anything without a full desktop computer running, the NeTV, a box to transform any TV screen into a smart TV, that he also used to implement a man-in-the middle attack on protected HDMI links. He’s also known for having designed an easily reproduceable Geiger counter to help people in Japan and elsewhere monitor (and globally share) radiation levels around them, without having to rely on biased information sources.

Beyond that, even if I don’t know him personnally, I have seen several inteviews about him (MAKE, Dangerous Prototypes), and I really like his state of mind. He’s only interested by the technical side of things, and he’s eager to share his knowledge, and he does that very well. This is very important, because it gives a broader reach to his project. I’ve always thought like that, but communicating efficiently is easier said than done. That’s why I’m quite impressed and inspired by him.

Now, let’s talk about the EFF. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (Wikipedia page) is an NGO promoting and defending electronic freedom, specifically when it’s related to the Internet. It has lawyers and personnel willing to assist hackers or other people when they’re unjustly bothered by some justice issues, related for example to the DMCA, patents rights, or free speech (see here for a list of cases).

The EFF also awards a prize to people it thinks has done outstanding work for the sake of electronic freedom. That’s what Bunnie Huang got this year, as an awesome recognition for all he has done for electronic freedom. Congratulations!

So now that you know everything, don’t wait a second before reading the article he wrote about that, and after that, just take a tour of his blog, it’s worth the time!